Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Catholic Business Journal Spotlights the Journey

9-11 Memorial Cross Forged Of Stainless Steel Makes Its Way Across The Nation
 by Mark McElrath

The cross is a symbol of hope. It speaks of life’s journey and to life’s limitless potential. For the innocent, whose lives were taken from them, this cross stands as a memorial. For the courageous, who faced death so others might live, this cross stands as a tribute. For all of us, walking the streets today, this cross reflects who we are and who we may choose to become. —Sculptor, Jon Krawczyk
Out of the rubble of New York City's Twin Towers on that fateful 9-11 morning emerged a symbol of hope: a perfectly proportioned cross formed from the steel girders of the previously standing towers. The rescue workers quickly understood what it was and, more importantly, recognized the deeper meaning it would come to symbolize—hope in the future after the most devastating attack on American soil in history.

This cross was moved to a prominent location above the smoldering pit and was draped in the American flag and as rescue efforts became recovery, the remains of victims were brought before this cross for a moment of prayer before being taken on to the makeshift morgue. This cross remained a point of prayer and refreshment for the workers who were tasked with their unfathomable responsibility. On it, they inscribed their names, wrote prayer petitions and reflections.

Later, the cross was relocated from the rubble to a pedestal at the corner of Liberty and Church streets. And later still, when reconstruction efforts required this space, the cross was moved to St. Peter’s church, which is directly across the street from Ground Zero, and placed on the Church Street side of the property, directly facing the site of the 9-11 attacks. Here it has stood since October 2006, until such time as its permanent home at the September 11th Memorial and Museum is prepared to accept it.  That time is quickly approaching...
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