Tuesday, July 12, 2011

'Cross Country' - The Journey on Film

Across the miles, from Malibu to Manhattan, Jason Smith and his film crew had the cameras rolling. At gas stations, in parking lots, from the roof of their vehicle as they flew down the highway, the guys behind the cameras captured the thousands of moments that have made up the yet-ongoing experience. Now, for the first time, Jason brings those moments to you.

Cross Country remains a project in the works as Jon prepares for the penultimate leg of the journey. From July 13th he will be bringing his sculpted steel memorial to some of the places most intimately tied, the communities most profoundly affected by the events of September 11th. In what promises to be an emotional event Jon will be in New York City on July 23rd when the original I-beam cross is moved from St. Peter's Church back to ground zero. The crowning moment of the St. Peter 9-11 Cross story unfolds on August 11th, one month before the ten-year anniversary of the attacks, as Jon raises his memorial to those lost, his tribute to those who gave, his symbol of hope for all of us as we continue down our personal and collective paths.

In his documentary, Jason Smith shows us what this means to people all across the country.

Join the journey. Check out the trailer for the film right here.