Friday, July 15, 2011

A Little Light on the Subject

NBC News caught up with us in Manhattan on Friday to bring the story of the Cross to so many more people than we could possibly reach on our own. Thank you Pat Battle for tracking us down - sorry for the mix-up coming out of the Battery Tunnel!

Watch the clip of the Cross in Manhattan here. This report has also been posted in shorter form on

After our stop in Manhattan we drove by police escort through Brooklyn and over into Staten Island. On the waterfront facing the south end of Manhattan, at the 9-11 Memorial known as The Postcards, over a hundred firemen, policemen and public officials gathered for a viewing of the Cross. Staten Island, as many know, was hit hard by 9-11, losing over 300 people on that day and in the aftermath.

Tom Wrobleski of Staten Island Live reports on the event here, accompanied by a video clip of Jon with the crowd. Deep gratitude goes out to Staten Island's policemen and firemen who made it all possible.

This Saturday, July 23rd, the I-beam cross will be removed from St. Peter's Church, to be moved back to its original spot on the former World Trade Center site. In the lead-up to this momentous occasion Jon plans to bring his Cross to a few more people; thereafter the Cross will go through its final preparations for the August 11th installation.