About Us

Jon Krawczyk, Artist and Sculptor - Originally from New Jersey, Jon has traveled far and wide to study his craft and develop the signature skills that make him one of the vibrant new voices in the art world today.

Anthony Serrao, Jon's assistant in the physical creation of the Cross.

St. Peter's Church - Staging area for rescue operations on September 11th, temporary location for the 9-11 Cross, soon-to-be permanent home of Jon Krawczyk's cross.

Leslie Sacks Fine Art - Representing the artist, helping raise funds for the St. Peter's 9-11 Cross project.

Indiana Micro Etching - Lending their expertise and time to create a Book of Names, to be attached to the Cross to memorialize all those who were lost.

Kevin Kato, Author Writer Publisher - Long-time friend of the artist, Kevin will be tackling most of the grunt work while Jon takes all the glory.

Our Documentary Film Crew on the Road:
Jason Smith of HSI Productions, Director & Executive Producer
James Weitz, Producer
Adam Kauper, Camera/Video

Our Film Crew at Malibu Bluffs Park and the Unveiling at Leslie Sacks:
James Weitz, Camera/Video
Paul Gonzales, Sound

Many, many more have given their help in making this memorial a reality. We hope to list them in time.