The Route

UPDATED - July 27th

Our time in and around New York City has been an amazing, emotional, eye-opening experience. From Staten Island to Brooklyn, out to Newark and back into Manhattan, the people we have met have shown us what America - and being American - is all about. To merely be a part of it all has been an honor.

This past Saturday we were in Lower Manhattan to witness the removal of the original I-beam cross from St. Peter's Church, the blessing at Zuccati Park and the subsequent transfer of the cross to the Memorial & Museum, on the site of the former World Trade Center. The Memorial is set to open on September 11th, the ten-year anniversary of the attack.

After all the cutting, grinding and polishing the St. Peter 9-11 Cross is almost ready. On August 11th at 6pm Jon will raise his memorial to all those who perished on that terrible day. Jon plans to seal the hole in the side of the cross with a piece of steel from the Trade Center rubble right before placing it on its base high above the sidewalk; this will give all present the chance to add their messages and prayers to the thousands already offered.

The Journey is nearing its end.

But the story will live on forever.

Where we've been:
May 22nd - From LA across the desert and through Las Vegas.
May 23rd - Grand Canyon & Monument Valley
May 24th - Santa Fe, NM
May 25th - Oklahoma City
May 26th - Full day in Oklahoma City, unexpected and amazing
May 27th - Shreveport
May 28th - New Orleans
May 29th - Morning Mass and a day of rest in New Orleans
May 30th - Through Mississippi to Memphis
May 31st - Graceland & South Memphis and on to Nashville
June 1st - Indianapolis and Elkhart, IN
June 2nd - Pittsburgh
June 3rd - Shanksville, PA and Washington, DC
June 4th - Around Washington, DC and to New Jersey

June 6 - We've made it to the east coast, safe and sound but still with plenty of work to do. The cross will soon go through a final polishing; the Book of Names is being carefully, painstakingly etched; we all return, for a time, to our families.
Once a date is set for installation in New York City we will hoist the cross upon the truck once more, to carry it through a few more places, to a few more faces, before bringing it to its final destination, St. Peter's Catholic Church in New York City.
We thank all the countless good and kind people we've met for making our cross-country journey more amazing, more moving, more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. We look forward to a few more such moments before each of us gives the cross a final look and continues on along our life's journey.

Check back now and then, for stories from our final days on the road and beyond, where we will  occasionally reflect on what all of this means - to those who have lost, and to those who remain affected.

To all of us.