Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Reminders Along Our Way

The idea is simple. The effect runs deep.

Memorials stand posted along a number of our country’s roads and interstates – the Officer Dave Chetcuti Memorial Highway sign in Millbrae, California and the Ofc James Fezatte Memorial Highway in Alabama, to name just two – to honor and commemorate public servants who have died on those stretches of road in the course of their service to the rest of us. The vast majority of those who see these signs may never know who Officer Chicuti or Officer Fezatte or any of the others was. What may stick in some people’s heads is the idea that someone died in this place – someone with a name; someone who loved and was loved in return; someone who lived with a purpose and died because of it. That road, that stretch of highway then becomes not just a space to be traversed as quickly as possible so as to get somewhere else a little sooner, but a place where we may remember that lives are easily lost. And the holes that take their place will long remain.