Monday, May 9, 2016

In the Photographs We Took, We Remember

"Time heals all wounds."

Yet the scars often remain.

The significance of those scars and the battles that brought them can grow blurry as they stretch further back into memory. We see them, remember the discomfort of their birth. We see in our mind's eye the moment our skin - our hearts - were pierced. But the demands of our present lives always return, turning the stories of our scars fuzzy once more.

Scars not only represent the pain we felt in those times we were wounded. They also prove our resilience, our continuance, our healing. Healing that may not be complete but allows us to live on.

Scars remind us while, letting those who see them know, that we've been bloodied but we were not beaten. That we had in us the power not to erase what was, but to live with it. To find the things we as vulnerable beings needed most - strength, fortitude, will - and to remember that these things too are part of our story.

The pictures we took along our journey across America remind us of the pain all of us felt on that day in 2001. But they also prove our will, our determination to continue on despite our collective scars.

As we go back through the photographs we took, we remember the scars that people showed us, through their words and in their tears. But we also see strength, in their eyes and their expressions and their spoken belief that we are still great despite our scars.

In these photographs, we remember.

In the coming days and weeks we will be adding images to Pinterest. Check in once in a while for more of the places we saw and the people we met. And the things we all shared.